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Pediatric Orthodontics – Dayville, CT

Stay Proactive for Your Child’s Oral Development

It can be difficult to put a price on your child’s smile (we’d guess that it’s priceless.) However, if you had the ability to address your child’s oral health now instead of waiting for problems to appear later, wouldn’t you do so? It’s the best way to ensure their long-term oral health stays positive, but it also helps you save money on expensive treatments later in life. Thankfully, Simply Orthodontics Dayville makes this process seamless and easy to understand. We recommend bringing them in by the age of seven, which is when problems can appear early and are the most treatable, so call our orthodontic office today to get them started with pediatric orthodontics in Dayville, CT!

Young girl with pediatric orthodontics

What Does Pediatric Orthodontics Mean?

Closeup of smile with pediatric orthodontics

With pediatric orthodontics, the goal is relatively simple. We want to avoid any problematic overcrowding, misalignment, uneven bites or non-nutritive habits (such as thumb-sucking) as early as possible. Pediatric orthodontics gives our orthodontists a chance to provide more room in the mouth so adult teeth can properly appear. The most important part is preventing complications that can appear later in development. After your child reaches seven years of age, bring them to our orthodontic office. We’ll confirm if the growing patterns of their teeth and jaw are going as intended, so you and them can have peace of mind.

Treatments Associated with Pediatric Orthodontics

Young boy smiling during pediatric orthodontics

Overall, pediatric orthodontics does not take as long to complete compared to traditional braces. In fact, treatment generally lasts between 9 and 12 months because teeth are much easier to influence at a young age. These treatments generally refer to appliances like headgears, limited phase braces, expansion appliances, specialized retainers, and space maintainers. All of these work to treat your child’s specific needs and we’ll explain which one will best help them moving forward.

What Are the Benefits of Pediatric Orthodontics?

Preteen boy with pediatric orthodontics smiling

If we find that your child could benefit from pediatric orthodontics, we’ll explain them to you during your visit. For starters, the risk of your teeth becoming impacted decreases significantly. This is because more room is available for teeth to develop. Additionally, we can help your child avoid speech problems, which is a very common issue for young children with dental concerns. The sooner these issues can be addressed, the more likely their development will improve. Their upper and lower dental arches will also become more harmonious and even. It’s also easier to confront poor habits that affect development, such as thumb-sucking and tongue thrusting. Lastly, it helps make their smile more even, balanced and aesthetically-pleasing, so they will have more confidence to show it off!

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