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Can I Get Traditional Braces on Just My Top or Bottom Teeth?

Can I Get Traditional Braces on Just My Top or Bottom Teeth?

March 2, 2024

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Traditional braces are one of the most recognizable orthodontic treatments around, having assisted countless generations of patients with a wide range of issues affecting their smiles. However, some patients often wonder if it’s okay to get braces on just one row of teeth. Normally, this isn’t a good idea, as all of the teeth in the mouth are closely connected, and it can cause some unfavorable interactions. Here’s what you need to know.

Can I Wear Braces on Just My Bottom Teeth?

To put it briefly, it’s possible to wear braces on just the bottom teeth, but it’s not very common and not often recommended by orthodontists. Even though braces can help to alleviate crowding and straighten teeth, having them on just one row and not the other can be problematic in some cases.

For example, if your bottom teeth are crowded, straightening them out might influence your bite—and if the top teeth aren’t adjusted in a corresponding manner, it can result in bite problems. And since an incorrect bite pattern is one of the leading reasons that many people need braces, in addition to crowding, it doesn’t make much sense to address one problem and potentially cause another.

What About the Top Teeth?

Our top teeth tend to be more visible than our bottom ones, and they’re often on display whenever we talk, smile, or eat—meaning that problems with them, such as overcrowding or misalignment, are usually easier to notice. Since the bottom teeth are less visible, some patients view it as a cosmetic issue and only want to straighten their top ones, or they simply want to save money on the cost of orthodontic care.

In any case, it’s not going to provide you with all of the oral health benefits of having an entire mouthful of aligned teeth. Not to mention, if there are any present bite issues, they won’t be improved if braces aren’t placed on the bottom teeth, as well. This is perhaps the biggest issue with single arch treatment, or wearing braces on only one row of teeth—it does nothing to correct bite issues and often makes them worse.

So while it might seem like a tall order, wearing braces on both the top and bottom teeth is the only surefire way to correct all present orthodontic issues, including complex bite problems. You shouldn’t hesitate to speak with your orthodontist about all your options, though—they’ll know the best route to take to get your smile in tip-top shape!

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